Bola de grossesse - MOON | argent

Distributeur Ilado
$219.00 CAD

D'après la légende Maya, le tintement délicat du Bola de grossesse appelle l'ange gardien des futures mamans et de leur bébé. Après la naissance, bercés par cette mélodie devenue familière, les nouveau-nés s'apaisaient.
Sous la main de notre créatrice qui en a martelé la sphère parfaite, le pendentif Bola se transforme en lune, symbole absolu de féminité.

Composition : Laiton recouvert d’or 18 carats
Mesures : diamètre pendentif : 20 mm , longueur chaîne : 1100 mm
This maternity necklace is a lovely way to connect with your unborn baby. Its delicately hand-hammered spherical pendant has been crafted to resemble a full moon, the universal symbol of motherhood and femininity.
Its soft tinkling has a calming effect on the mother-to-be and its chime is heard as a soft whisper in baby’s ear.
By performing our mother-baby bonding ritual every day, you will create a sound imprint of love and well-being for you and your baby.
After birth, place your chiming pendant securely inside your Ilado lovey. Its soft melody will remind your little one of the feeling of comfort and security experienced during pregnancy and will help your newborn to serenely adjust to life outside of the womb.
Composition : 18 carat gold plated brass
Measurements : pendant diameter: 20 mm, chain length: 1100 mm