Quebec company
Once upon a time... the Rosemary
A few years ago, in a nice neighborhood of Montreal, Marie-Frédérique and Julie met while working at the café "Le Romarin". Over time, with their good humor and their contagious smiles, they became the "Romarines" for all the customers in the area. By mixing flour, cocoa and giggles, it was the perfect recipe for a precious chocolate friendship!
It is with several dreams in mind that the two Romarineses then pursue their path, Julie towards jewelry and Marie-Frédérique towards management and this, without suspecting that their paths were going meet again...
So they find themselves a few years later with this common desire to stand on their own two feet and join forces to build a dream in their image. This is how the Romarine company was born.
Marie-Frédérique and Julie wish to transmit the recipe for happiness to all the Rosemary of this world: A pinch of laughter, a good dose of dreams and a hint of imagination and without forgetting the magic ingredient...Always listen to the child inside you!
Handmade in Quebec, all Romarine jewelry is meticulously and conscientiously made to provide quality jewelry. The sterling silver and gold that are used to make the jewelry are quality materials.
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