It all starts with a dream, an inspiration, a desire to offer beauty, the marriage of several passions and over the course of reflection everything turns into a general store offering products for the little beings around us.
Childhood is simple, it's naughty, it's innocent, but above all it remains etched in our memory and we often refer to it.
My grandma called me her "little mosüs", it was my father who reminded me.
A typical Quebec reference that we like to tell people who ask us, who very often are not from Quebec.
Les ptits mosüs is of course the work of several passionate and extraordinary people (they will recognize themselves ♡)!
Little mosüs who have grown up and want to have fun while working (if you can call that working!) and above all who want to make people smile.
What a privilege to be able to share this adventure!
We want to present you many more products from here, products that we created ourselves, products that make us vibrate, quality products.
The variety of selections offered grows every day.
We have a lot of projects in mind... we want to grow with your little mosüs!
Be part of the adventure by telling us your impressions and your needs, after all it's with you that we want to do all this! ♡
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