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As a child, I was passionate about DIY, collage, decoupage... No activity gave me as much pleasure as the hours spent on my small and large projects.

Today this passion is still very much alive, I relish the time spent designing, cutting and sewing. I have fun with materials to create beautiful things.

Now a mother of two young children, my workshop is buzzing with activity, laughter, shopping and toys. Billi and Nico are the source of my inspiration. For them, I created comfortable, beautiful and playful clothes.

My clothes are easy to put on for busy mornings.

My clothes are eco-responsible because they are designed and sewn in Montreal.

My clothes are durable because they are made with quality and scalable fabrics.

In short, my signature bears witness to my love of beautiful, well-made things.

I can't wait to let you know

Sarla Blass

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