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We are two young mothers who had the chance to live our maternity leave together. Beautiful sisters and neighbours, we had the idea of ​​joining forces for the benefit of a common cause that was close to our hearts. Or that of developing a natural, organic skincare product for the little sores in the family.
In order to reduce our carbon footprint, our product is 100% biodegradable, its container and packaging reusable and recyclable.
Less known and used in the West, shea butter is a product used daily in Africa. The shea tree grows in West Africa and the extraction of the fat from its fruits is the origin of shea butter. Its almost miraculous properties conquered us from the first use. Applicable to all parts of the body (face, hands, head, hair, etc.) it is a real body remedy. By adding oils and plants with complementary properties, we had a product that ultimately met our expectations. Honoring the origin of shea butter came naturally to us, Bër means “butter” in Wolof, a language originating from Senegal.
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