B I N G O 🛎

game starts December 1st

to shout BINGO, you must have: a full card 

WINNING NUMBERS from the last 3 days:
Decembre 18 : O-67, N-64, I-26
Decembre 19 : B-6, B-11, G58
Decembre 20 : G-47, G-55, N-42, N-43
Decembre 21 : O-71, B-12, I-23, N-40
Decembre 22 : G-54, G-50, G-59, N-31


1. Watch daily daily issues via this tab or on social media around noon.

2. Circle, tick or color the numbers on your grids.

3. If you have a BINGO, you must write an email to and follow the steps:
- attach a photo of your winning card.
- Confirm delivery address and email.
- we will confirm that all numbers are there and that the rules have been followed.

[ A bingo card can only win once. ]

* Warning! You have 36 hours to tell us about your Bingo, otherwise better luck next time. Don't wait too long to write to us because there may be no more gifts left, first come, first served hehe 💛.


* for the whole month of November, with purchases of $100 or more, you will receive a free bingo card *