Dough Parlor

Canadian company

Good memories, shaping and creating plasticine masterpieces have filled homes for decades. One such home is Natalie's - founder of Dough Parlor Inc. As an early childhood educator, determined to inspire through sensory play, Natalie has spent over 10 years refining and challenging her recipe for dough to create an epic experience...

As a mom herself, Natalie always thought about the well-being of her students and only used 100% non-toxic ingredients. But she also wanted to optimize play experiences and enhance the physical and cognitive development of her students.

Natalie understood the link between the sense of smell and neurophysiology. She infused her dough with happy scents (100% food!) to stimulate their senses, emotions and memory. Natalie found herself using her dough as a coping strategy in times of emotional distress or crisis.

Dough Parlor is proud to have created an epic sensory experience, specifically designed to promote a happier, healthier, and stronger generation through a love of play!

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